Conference & Meeting Service

Conference, Meeting Service by Event Company in Da Nang city - YesEvents

YesEvents is one of the reliable event companies in Da Nang city providing comprehensive conference and meeting services. We specialize in organizing and managing various types of events, including conferences, seminars, workshops, and corporate meetings for corporate clients and organizations both domestically and internationally.



1.      Why select YesEvents for Corporate Conference and Meeting Events?

  •  With over 10 years in the event management field, Event Company in Da Nang city - YesEvents has successfully organized numerous large and small conferences and meetings at various locations across the countries. We provide creative and effective solutions to ensure the best event experience for attendees.
  • We assists in the overall planning and organization of meetings and conferences. We work closely with clients to understand their requirements, objectives, and desired outcomes for the events.



2.      Meetings & Conferences Service by Event Company in Da Nang city - YesEvents

  • YesEvents provides a range of services for meetings and conferences including kick-off meetings, year-end meetings, specialized seminars, product launch conferences, annual shareholder meetings, both in-person and online. By utilizing advanced technology, YesEvents can offer digital solutions to meet client requirements and provide an excellent event experience for both in-person and online attendees.
  • With diverse requirements from clients, YesEvents provides various solutions ranging from proposing themes and ideas to executing conferences and meetings. Event Company YesEvents in Da Nang city offers proposals on venue selection, program design, stage setup, decoration design, seating layout, sound and lighting systems, presentation systems, and technical support. Here are some of the services we offer:



Venue Selection for Conference and Meetings

YesEvents helps in selecting suitable event venues for conferences and meetings based on the client's preferences, budget, and capacity requirements. We have established relationships with various venues across Vietnam and can provide options that meet the client's specifications. 

Logistics Management for Meeting & Conference

YesEvents takes care of all logistical aspects of the event, including transportation, accommodation, and equipment rental. They ensure smooth coordination and efficient execution of all logistical requirements. 

Program Development on Conference and Meeting

We assist in developing the event program, including agenda planning, session scheduling, and speaker coordination. They work closely with the client to create a cohesive and engaging program that aligns with the event's objectives. 

Audiovisual and Technology Support

YesEvents provides audiovisual equipment and technical support to ensure high-quality presentations and seamless operation of event technology. We handle aspects such as sound systems, lighting, projection, and stage setup. 

On-Site Event Management During Conference & Meeting

We assign a dedicated team to manage the event on-site. They oversee all aspects of the event, including registration, participant management, session coordination, and troubleshooting. 

Post-Event Evaluation

YesEvents conducts post-event evaluations to gather feedback and measure the success of the conference or meeting. We provide comprehensive reports and analysis to help clients assess the event's effectiveness and make improvements for future events.



Overall, YesEvents offers end-to-end solutions for conference and meeting management, ensuring that every aspect of the event is handled professionally and efficiently. With a highly experienced, dynamic, creative, and dedicated team, Event Company in Da Nang city - YesEvents is the optimal choice for corporate and organizations in need of events of conferences and meetings.